Sub-S Corporations



Sole Propritors

Why should I Incorporate my Business?
Well for quit a number of reasons:
1. For Liability of your personal assets!
2. Added protection of your home!
3. To isolate your personal life from your business!
4. To divide your net income between you and your Corporation at a lower tax bracket!
5. Straddle of Physical year for deduction and income reasons!
6. Structure your business properly in order set budgets and spending control!

These are just six reasons to incorporate your business and there are many more. We will customize a plan for you and your life situations that will maximize your profits, protection your assets, and minimize your taxes. We can incorporate you in a number of favorable states for a number of reasons, including late year incorporations.  California may not be the best state for your business to be incorporated in. There is a reason that Major US corporations are not California Corporations. We can expedite your incorporation and handle your initial meeting and your annual meetings as well. We strongly suggest a corporation for those willing to take the extra steps required to run and manage your corporation that will give you an advantage over your competition! Call us today to set up your appointment for consultation about how a corporation can help you attain your goals!
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The above is our opinion and advice is based on each individuals situation.

Please do not try this at home!